In the year 1833, Greece’s capital city was moved from Nauplion were it had previously been for 3 years after the declaration of Independence of the country, to Athens.

Following the appointment of prince Otto of Bavaria as king of Greece, housing was now needed in Athens for him and his ministries.
The design and construction of the palace was assigned to German architect Friedrich von Gaertner and was finished in the year of 1843.
It has since undergone through many renovations and reconstructions, sometimes due to severe damage and other times due to the changes of its use.

In 1929, the Greek government decided to move the Parliament from the Parliament House on Stadiou Street to the building of the Palace.
The architect Andreas Kriezis redesigned the Old Palace building in order to transform it into a Parliament.

After the reinstatement of Democracy in Greece in 1974, and the composition of a new Constitution in 1975, the Parliament building has been subject to renovations that continue up to this day.

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