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Convention Centers + Venues close to AVA Hotel

Are you travelling to Athens on business for a congress, conference or tradeshow? Why not grab the chance to visit the Plaka area, the old city centre, with all the Historic sites and the famous Acropolis Museum. We at AVA Hotel offer luxurious suites and a Service Package for you (and your family) to be able to enjoy business with pleasure. The AVA Hotel and its surroundings are the perfect place to relax after your business meetings. Please see below how close the various conference centres and venues are from AVA Hotel. Besides the Service Package we offer tailor made packages, including (private) sight seeing tours, diners, etc. Please send us an e-mail to and let us know your needs.

Venue Distance from AVA Hotel Tranportation
Zappion 0,2 km 5 min. walk
International Congres Center
Concert Hall/Megaron Mousikis
3,0 km Metro – 3 stops
10 min. taxi
Ethiniki Asfalistiki Conference Centre 3,0 km 10 min. taxi
Peace & Friendship Stadium 6 km 15 min. by taxi
Grand Bretagne Hotel 0,6 km Metro – 1 stop
10 min. walk
Hilton Conference Centre 2,5 km Metro – 2 stops
10 min. by taxi
Ledra Marriott 4 km 10 min. taxi
InterContinental 4 km 10 min. taxi
Hellexpo Congres Centre 15 km Metro – 12 stops
30 min. taxi
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