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  • Athens Flying Week - 24-30th September 2012

    Athens Flying Week is designed to become the major flying event for the city of Athens. For two days Tatoi military airport, located in the Municipality of Acharnes will open its gates to the public, who will be able to experience a magnificent air show and a series of individual events.

  • We Run Athens - 7th October 2012

    Event for runners to attend, starting point is Zapeion, distance 10km. The registration fee is 10 euro per person. The money collected from registration fees will be donated to charity.

  • Athens Marathon – 11th November 2012

    Most major cities have an annual marathon, but Athens hosts the original. Commemorating the famous run of the soldier Pheidippides in 490BC, the 42-kilometre (26.2-mile) race begins in the town of Marathon itself and ends up at the Panathenaic Stadium.

  • Athens Carnival – February 2013

    When the Athens Carnival is in town, entertainment includes everything from Greek dancing to mandolin music. Many performers dress in traditional costumes adorned with bells.

  • International Aegean Sailing Rally – July 2013

    Contestants from all over Greece and beyond compete in the country's oldest and most prestigious sailing regatta. Three or four individual offshore races usually start and finish at Faliro Bay and take in the beautiful islands of the Aegean.

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