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Philopappou Hill

This is an imposing hill, 147 m high, situated to the southeast of the Acropolis and once used as a sanctuary to the Muses (Mouseion). On top of the hill, it is still possible to see the foundations for the surrounding fortified wall dating from 294 BC, built by Demetrius the Besieger to install his guards. Later, in Roman times (115 AD), the City gave permission for a burial monument to be erected here in honor of Philopappos, a descendant of the Seleucids.

In 1954-1957, the architect and thinker Dimitris Pikionis formed a wonderful area for viewing the Acropolis from the hill of Philopappou. From this point you have the best view of the Parthenon and the splendid monuments on the Acropolis. Besides the Philopappos monument, there is the "Prison of Socrates", the "Tomb of Cimone" and a theatre.

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