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Magazine: Points North
Publication: Februari 2006
Issue: 69
Article: "Hot Escapes, Athens Greece"

"..nestled comfortably near the base of the Acropolis in the stylish Plaka district"

Amazing Acommodations

The truth, of course, is that Athens was a tourist magnet long before the 2004 games and it will remain one for years to come. While some popular cities tolerate tourism as a necessary evil, though, the people of Athens seem genuinely pleased whenever new visitors arrive. My first evidence of this came when my wife Boriana and I checked into The AVA Hotel, nestled comfortably near the base of the Acropolis in the stylish Plaka district. A late flight plus the long train ride into town delayed our arrival at the hotel until just before dinner time and our slumped shoulders and weary faces announced our fatigue from the moment we entered the hotel lobby. Eleni Papadaki was behind the front desk that evening and she simply smiled while we described our rigorous day of travel.

“But now you don’t have to worry about anything,” she said matter-of-factly, “because now you’re here with us.” It turned out to be no empty boast. Completely renovated in 2004 in preparation for the Olympics, the AVA strives to be more of a home-away-from-home than simply a place for travelers to rest their heads at night. Every spacious room contains a fully-stocked kitchenette, furnishings that are both elegant and functional, and a bathroom so large that you’ll wonder if you’re really in a European hotel. Owner Lucy Van Alphen, who deciphers the letters in the hotel’s name as either Amazing View of the Acropolis or Amazing Vacation in Athens, whichever suits your fancy, isn’t content to merely provide her guests with a comfortable room; her goal is to make them feel like family during their stay"
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